Assistant's Mug
Assistant's Mug
Found in Laboratory
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Scientist: Well, well. Things have certainly taken a turn for the weird.

Assistant: …

Scientist: This is something else. I mean, we’re guilty of murdering mankind.

Assistant: …

Scientist: …Don’t you have anything to say?

Assistant: Please. I thought we didn’t need words.

Scientist: That’s true, but come on. I like the sound of your voice.

Assistant: Are you looking to be written up?

Scientist: Sheesh, can’t you take a joke?

Assistant: …How? How can you remain so calm about this?

Scientist: You’re the one acting unfazed.

Assistant: Yes, but you know my true feelings. I’m scared… I’m scared of dying.

Scientist: That’s normal.

Assistant: But you’re not alarmed in the least! You… You knew this would happen!

Scientist: You’re reading too much into this. I’m just a scientist who hates to work.

Assistant: But…!

Scientist: You know what I could use? A nice cup of coffee.

Assistant: You want coffee at a time like this?

Scientist: You know that caffeine can keep you from sleeping.

Assistant: You can’t escape it forever.

Scientist: Yeah, so can’t you do me this one favor? There’s nothing else I’d rather have as my last drink.

Assistant: …Fine then.

Scientist: I don’t take milk with it. And for sugar…

Assistant: Two spoonfuls. I know how you like it, Doctor.

Scientist: Good. Thank you.

Assistant: Excuse me, but…

Scientist: Yeah?

Assistant: Um… Can I join you?

Scientist: Of course.