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Cat Toy
Cat Toy Item.png
Type Weapon
Stats N/A
Shape Square1.png
Found in Various locations
Description "A cat toy with bushy tufts of fur as its tip. Wave it around, and the kitties will come running."
Price 30 Yen
Sell value 10 Yen

The Cat Toy (ネコじゃらし foxtail grass) is one of the weapons in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon that can be equipped. Although not a weapon made for attacking (it does no damage against enemies), the cat toy can be equipped in the inventory menu and is activated by continuously pressing the A Wiibutton.png button.

When used in the proximity of wild cats, the cat will slowly move towards Seto. When close enough, the cat will let out a meow and a short scene will play showing the cat jumping up and down and playing with the toy. Afterwards Seto can continue playing, otherwise the cat will follow Seto for a short distance.


  • The Japanese name of the Cat Toy (ネコじゃらし) alludes to the shape of the toy and its similarity to the fox tail grass (Setaria virdis)