Stop. I won't let you past here.

–Chiyo, seeing Seto and Sai for the first time

No. I don't know you. You're a stranger. I don't trust you

–Chiyo, upon meeting Seto

Hmm...the moon. Can you bring me the moon?

–Chiyo, sending Seto on his second task

...I don't believe you.

–Chiyo, refusing to accept the moon ring. Could you get back the ring I lost?

–Chiyo, sending Seto on his final task

...Why did you believe what I told you?

–Chiyo, after Seto returns with the Silver Ring

You believe me? Hee hee.
That sounds like something he'd say
The day will come when your journey will end as well.
Your greatest adventure will be over and you will make your way home
That's the moment when you realize the truth...
The sunbeams, the wind rolling over the tall grass, the idle chit-chat with friends...
These were the gems of your life.

–Chiyo, describing the truth about life

Then your heart will be carried off by the gentle, caressing breeze
and it will sparkle like a jewel, fade, and grow cold.
I see his smiling face that I loved so much.
I see his fingers, long and rough, yet beautiful at the same time.

–Chiyo, reminiscing about her beloved

But for you, I'm sure there are many tomorrows still waiting
You must live. Live. Live your life...
Until you breathe your last breath, live life to the fullest.
And also thank you for believing...what I told you.
Thank you...From the bottom of my heart.

–Chiyo, thanking Seto one last time