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Found in Oikawadani Dam
Description ?
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Secret Map

Cookie Tin


Little brother: Hey, where’re you going?

Older brother: I’m gonna go explore the dam!

Little brother: Huh? But mom said we can’t go out today.

Older Brother: What? Why not?

Little Brother: I dunno, but… Something about how now that we understand each other, we uh… gotta be together as family…

Older Brother: You idiot. There’s a lot more on your mind that you’re not saying. …Wait. How come I even know what you’re thinking?

Little Brother: ‘Cuz. It’s like I said… This is something big.

Older Brother: Well I don’t get it. Either way, I’m going 

Little Brother: But… Wait!

Older Brother: Don’t tell me you wanna come with me?!

Little Brother: I do!

Older Brother: I’ll be honest with you. You’re stupid and a bother. But today, I can tell you’re really serious.

Little Brother: I am! And I will keep up!