Cracked Milk Bottle
Cracked Milk Bottle Item
日々の入った牛乳瓶 (Empty Milk Bottle)
Found in Azabudai Station Mall
Description An empty bottle formerly used for daily milk deliveries
Related memory items None

The Cracked Milk Bottle (日々の入った牛乳瓶 Daily Milk Bottle) is a Memory Item Seto picks up in the Azabudai Station Mall. The item can be found underneath a breakable crate within one of the side rooms at the central mall area. The memory it holds is one of utter melancholy at what was possibly a wasted life.


If we worked without ambition,

spent our days with time on our tails, never thought we were happy, and will now disappear without leaving any memory, then what...

just what...

was the point of us?


  • Though the English name contains "cracked", the bottle shows no signs of damage. The original name (日々の入った牛乳瓶) simply refers to the bottles used for daily household milk deliveries in Japan.