Dog Collar
Dog Collar Item
Found in Lunar Hill Fun Land
Description A discarded dog collar
Related memory items None

The Dog Collar (犬の首輪 dog collar) is one of the Memory Items that Seto examines in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. The Dog collar is found on the ground at Lunar Hill Fun Land. It is unique in that the memory contained is in the perspective of a dog regarding its owner.


It was a gloomy, overcast day.

Even though it was threatening to rain, you took me on a longer walk than usual. When I looked up at you, you seemed so sad. When we got home, you dropped to your knees and hugged me tight. I wagged my tail, hoping to cheer you up, but the sorrow never left your face.

And then, suddenly, tears started falling from your eyes. I licked them for you. They were salty. You stood up and waved your hand. I barked in reply. And as you slowly turned and walked away, tears began streaming from my eyes as well I licked them, too. They were salty.