Game Cartridge
Game Cartridge Item
ゲームカセット (Game Cassette)
Found in Azabudai Station Mall
Description An old video game cassette
Related memory items None

The Game Cartridge (ゲームカセット Game Cassette) is one of the Memory Items found early on in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. The memory item is lying underneath a breakable crate inside of the Azabudai Station Mall storage room. The voice retelling the memory expresses remorse at his flippant naming of the videogame hero.


I named my character "AAAA."

At the time I didn't really care, but halfway through the game, when I thought about changing it, I realized that I was actually pretty attached to it.

Despite your bizarre moniker, you still saved the princess and had the king hailing you and your stupid name. Come on, "AAAA." Are you really going to vanish like this? Are you okay with ending it all without even saving the world, stuck with that name? I'm sorry, "AAAA." I should have thought up a better name for you.