Jellyfish small1
A picture of a Jellyfish
名前 くらげ
Type Thought entitiy
Seen in Various locations
Experience EXP

The Jellyfish (Japanese: くらげ) is the very first malicious thought entity encountered in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. Seto first sees the Jellyfish soon after Personal Frame indicates the presences of thought entities in the Underground Station.


The Jellyfish are small jellyfish-like enemies, just as their name implies. They are transparent and come in a small variety of colours. They first appear as blue, signifying the weakest and most easily defeated enemies, but red and other colours afterwards signify stronger, tougher versions that take more hits to be defeated. A face is clearly visible on its top, which faces you when they begin preparing for an attack, or when they are attacking.


They are easy to defeat, and their only attack is to ram you, which can be easily fortold as they glow before drifting towards you. When attacked, they glide upwards and away from the player, preventing further damage, but one has to merely wait for it to float back down. Other than that, they are a good way for beginners to become accustomed to battle.


  • A Jellyfish can be seen after Seto falls lifeless on the ground, before the game over screen. You merely have to die to see it.


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