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Paper Crane
Paper Crane Item.png
折鶴 (Origami Crane)
Found in Azabudai Underground Station
Description An origami crane made out of pink paper
Related memory items Toy
Mother's Shoe

The Paper Crane (折鶴 Origami Crane) is the very first memory item encountered in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. Seto finds the paper crane on the ground shortly after entering the Underground Station.

Upon examination at a bonfire the crane reveals a story of a loving mother and child. Two other memory items found in the station, the Toy and Mother's Shoe, continue the story.


The image of the crane during the memory reading.

Mother: Hee hee hee! So, dear, what do you want to play next? Child: Um... Um... I know! Hide-and-go-seek! Mother: You really do love playing hide-and-go-seek, don't you? Child: Yep! And I like apples and running races, too! Mother: Oh really? But you always come in last in races. Child: Yeah, but I still like them! And! And! I love Mommy best! Mother: And Mommy loves you, too. Child: Hee hee! Mother: Ha ha ha.