Pink Bell Maria 2
Pink Bell Maria 2
Found in Underground Utility Tunnels
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Pink Bell Maria 1


After falling unconscious, I awoke to the pattering of


I could still smell the mountainside burning, but the rain was

now falling harder than before.

I knew I was far from safe.

Nestled close against the ground, I’d already lost the

sensation in both my arms and legs.

I asked the heavens if this was punishment.

Was this what I deserved for having taken the dead girls’

happiness as my own, in a twisted and shameless act?


Through the ash-ridden world, a voice was calling me.

No, that’s not my name.

And yet…

"Maria! Maria!"

Yes, the one calling me was none other than my beloved.

"Maria, hang in there! Don’t die on me!"

"Oh, yes!

My love! My one true love!

Don’t give up!”

I whispered desperately.

Don’t give into the despair, please!


I thought that if he lost me, he’d never see his precious

Maria again.

And it wasn’t just him.

Anri, Fleur, Silvia…

Lotte, Bisque, Chris…

They’d all been beautiful.

"Don’t kill me!" I shouted.

"Please don’t kill the ones you love."

Trembling, I handed the seven bells over to him.

If you can, take these in my place.

Just don’t let their loving families lose all hope.

He looked at me as if wanting to speak.

Then, taking the bells with him, he turned and ran.

As his figure became smaller and smaller, it was eventually

washed away by the rain.

I tried calling his name but couldn’t form the words.

If I managed to speak, I might make the mistake of telling

him something I could never say.

As I thought about how the cold rain would sweep away the

fire along with my soul, I thought of the last person who’d

considered me family.

I may not have been the one they loved, but I certainly

loved the warm and gentle hands that touched me.

I lied and desecrated the dead, all for my revenge.

And yet here I was, crying.

Here, on the brink of death, I’d come closest to those girls

and could finally, truly cry for them.

After all, you know how it is.

You must know, right?

All you wanted…was to live.

The rain washed the mountainside gry, draining the light

from everything.

I was cloaked in darkness and rain.

Then I heard the faint sound of a bell ringing.

At least I could tell that my ears were still working.

I focused my senses on the source.

Then, just behind the sound, I heard footsteps and voices


"C’mon, Anri!"

I thought I was hearing things.

It had to just be a memory enclosed inside that bell.

After all, no one would call for me.



It can’t be… My eyelids fluttered.


From beyond the falling ash, I could make out figures.

They circled around me.

The boy, the boss, Mama…




No. The children…and the teacher.

The master writer, and Grandmother!

"No!" I tried to scream but failed.

No, don’t look at me!

You’ll see through my lies!

Don’t hate me!

I was never the girls that all of you loved.

"We already knew that."

was the reply from the one who used the seven bells to

gather everyone here.

You snuggled close to me as I was wrapped in a warm towel.

As you kept me warm, you dropped the seven bells.

"Heh heh. We already knew that. All along."

He sounded on the verge of tears as he kissed my cheek.

"Don’t you see? The ones we loved weren’t the ghosts from

the past.”

His words forgave me.

"We all know you made up those lies to try and help us.

No one else but you could have made us feel so good,

could bring us so much joy.

It was all thanks to you and your seven bells.”

I closed my eyes, the tears still streaming.

I thought my life was just one lie after another.

But no longer.

I finally understood it now.

My name will be the seven-colored Bell.

A name given to me by my loving family and friends.

I am Bell.

Carrying my seven colors, I was the most loved in town.

I am Bell.

And I was the luckiest cat in the world for having seven names.