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Princess in the crib.

Princess is the name of the darling baby girl whom the Merchant brings interesting objects to. Unfortunately, this darling baby girl has been dead for a long time. The Merchant is oblivious to this, however, and thinks that she is merely sleeping. He collects rarities from across the land in hopes of waking her and seeing her smile again. Even in her death he is loyal to her, serving her years past her lifespan.

When Seto and Sai intrude the princess' room, the Merchant throws them out. Later on inside the dam, the Merchant has calmed down and apologizes to Seto, explaining that he thought the boy meant to do harm to the princess. Her favorite plushie, a chick with a head resembling the Merchant's, is given to Seto. He goes on to speak highly of the princess, the truth of her death kept from him when Sai tells Seto to not say anything.