Purple Bell Silvia
Purple Bell Silvia
Found in Underground Utility Tunnels
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Dawn was just about to break and the subdued rays of

morning light were finally spreading across the sky.

I was taking my time, strolling through the bustling scene of

the early hours.

The clamor hurt my ears.

Angry shouts rang from the main street, while flirts could be

heard in the alleys.

I avoided the hubbub on my way.

Just being in a foul place like this made me remember the

life I’d led.

There was a shop with its door propped open.

The music that wafted from within was not what you’d

consider uplifting.

The sign by the entrance was half-shrouded in dark.

The world “Silvia” adorned it.

"Boss, I think you’ve had enough."

a sweet voice said from behind the bar.

The bartender was a long-haired woman in a sleeveless

dress who was leaning against the wall.

"I know it’s up to you, but I think you’ve been hitting the

bottle hard lately.”

The voice was young and lilted, like that of a male cat

calling to a female.

"I think it might not-"


A glass clattered hard against the bar’s surface, cutting her


Silence followed.

"Fine… Don’t listen to me, then…"

The girl behind the counter took the glass to fill it, but

grumbled in disapproval.

"I’m just saying this out of concern for you.

You look exhausted these days.

And the last lady to run this place… Well…you know…”


Again the glass hit the counter.

A cigarette was lit.

"Once you’re done, you can leave for today."


"Do you want me to fire you?"

The woman bristled with anger, but the girl named Rika only

shrugged her shoulders.

"Don’t say that.

If you deserted me, I’d be all alone.”

The glass she placed on the bar didn’t smell of the pungent


It was a white liquid.

"The last owner of this place died from alcohol poisoning.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

See you tomorrow…”

There was the sound of high heels approaching.

I darted behind the sign.


Rika looked up and down the alley bathed in morning light.


I already knew who she was calling to by that name.

Rika gave a heavy sigh for the first time and dragged her

feet down the dirty street.

It was only when she was finally out of sight that I made up

my mind.

I’d never heard how Silvia had been brought up before she


She was so shy and quiet, there wasn’t much to say about


She was the one girl I didn’t hate.

But now I was going to steal her name.

At first, I thought it was revenge. It had to be.

Revenge against them for living better lives than me.

And it was revenge against my own cruel fate.

Step by step, I made my way through the half-open door

into the shop and whispered, “Mama.”

The woman was slumped over the bar, the same as when

Rika first left.

She sluggisly hoisted herself up to look at me and shook

her head as though

she wasn’t sure what she was hearing.

I whispered once more.


That’s when her barren eyes, laced with crow’s feet, wrinkled

in a squint.

"Oh… so it’s you."

She laughed with tears in her eyes.

"You poor little thing… You look just the same as when you

first came here.”

Something about how she said that made her sound like Rika.

"Where have you been?

You’ve been gone for so long… What have you been doing

with yourself?”

"Here, drink up. You can have this, it’s your favorite.

I’ll give you whatever you need.

Anything at all.”

"There’s a good girl," she cooed in a slow drawl, offering me

the glass.

I wonder if Silvia was also served warm milk like this the first

time she came here.

"I’m sorry," I whispered for the first time to myself.

I am Silvia.

Silvia, with her purple bell.

The little girl who was held

close by Mama in a small

downtown bar.