Star Item
Type Key item
Stats N/A
Shape Square1
Found in Azabudai Station Mall
Description "A large star-shaped ornament. A long time ago it probably sparkled beautifully atop a Christmas tree."
Price N/A
Sell value N/A

The Star (星の飾り star ornament) is a key item that Seto must obtain in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. The star is one of the ornaments that accompanied an old Christmas tree stored inside the Azabudai Station Mall.

Seto looks for the star at the request of a girl named Chiyo. In order to proceed within the Kurato Hotel, he must bring back the star, which Sai claims to have seen in the underground mall. Unfortunately the star has been taken away from the tree, and to find it Seto must follow clues from the looter using the Special Flashlight.

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  • It is likely that the one who took the star was Crow. Though it is not confirmed, the clues in the mall remark how "pretty and shiny" the star is, similar to Crow's messages in the Lunar Hill Fun Land.