Stick Item

A Stick, the first sword weapon in the game.

Sword Weapons, or more specifically Sword-type Weapons, are a category of equipment in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. Sword weapons are all one-handed and mostly used for slashing or thrusting. A sword, in the narrowest sense, consists of a straight blade with one or two sharp edges and a hilt, however, in Fragile Dreams Seto wields various objects as he would a sword.

Unlike with the other weapon types, Seto can perform combo attacks using sword weapons. The combo can have a maximum of three consecutive strikes after pressing the attack button three times in a row. Damage dealt by the strikes can be controlled by timing presses, with quicker button presses resulting in weaker, faster strikes while slower, more spaced out button presses resulting in stronger attacks with larger sweeps. The strength of each attack is also indicated by the color of the path of the weapon swing, with blue being weak, yellow being moderate, and red being strong.

List of Sword WeaponsEdit