Seto using a bow and arrow

Throughout his journey in Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, Seto picks up a number of items to help him during hostile encounters. Varying in strength, size and usefulness, the young boy comes to rely on multiple weapons to ensure his own safety.


Broken Weapons Tutorial

The tutorial page explaining weapon breakages

All weapons in Fragile Dreams have a chance of breaking, regardless of what type. Breakage occurs only after hitting enemies and takes effect following battle. Once a weapon is broken it loses nearly all of its attack power, and cannot be repaired or stored in the Briefcase. Unless they are discarded, however, broken weapons continue to take up space in Seto's on-hand inventory. Broken weapons also lose all combo and charging capabilities, limiting Seto to using only single strikes. These negative effects render broken weapons ineffective, and it is recommended to carry or store extra weapons.

List of WeaponsEdit

Below is a list of all the weapons, grouped by type, that Seto can equip in the game:

Sword WeaponsEdit

Staff WeaponsEdit

Hammer WeaponsEdit

Archery WeaponsEdit